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Country tours and specials

The country tours are perfect daily routes in order to learn more about Sicily and Sicilians. Whether culture, history, discovery, a little bit of adventure - there will be a point of interest for everybody.

The tours can be booked in addition to to the sailing tours or for all touristics and interested. So a sailing tour with the classic two-mast yacht ROMANCE is not required.

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The head under the hat... our sicilian special guide Gianluca Panarello

Gianluca is a geographer and tour guide. His trips (see big box on the right), developed particularly for Classical Sailing friends, are the perfect daily-break for sailors or tourists. It’s something special...

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Classical Sailing presents new daily tours and specials for eyeryone - developed from our Sicily guide Gianluca

Excursion Alcantara Valley

Gorges – lakes along the river – Castiglione di Sicilia

Difficulty level: easy (09:00 – 16:00)

The Alcantara River

The river marks the border between Catania area and Messina area, between volcanic rocks and limestone.
Several thousand years ago, the river bed was blocked by a lava flow from Mount Etna. As the lava was cooled much more quickly by the water that it would have done otherwise, it crystallized in the form of columns. Over the next millennia, the river naturally eroded a channel through these columns, resulting in impressive gorges and ravines such as the well-known "Gole dell'Alcantara". All the valley today is a river park.

The excursion includes three stops:
1° Stop: the gorges. We will climb down to the river and then we’ll walk in its cool waters, right inside the gorges, surrounded by volcanic pentagonal and hexagonal crystallized columns.

2° Stop: lakes along the river. Easy hike in a natural path that will lead you to some spots where the river gets larger creating small natural swimming pools where you’ll freshen up after the walk.

3° In the afternoon we will go for a walk in the medieval village of Castiglione di Sicilia also known as "the door of al-Qantarah". This is a charming village between the Alcantara river park and the Etna park. We’ll visit the city centre and its medieval and baroque churches.

The Participation fee includes: specialized guide, packed lunch.

Excursion Sunset

View from 2000 meters – naturalistic path from south to south-west

Difficulty level: easy (15:30 – 21:30) (only in the summer)

1° Stop: we’ll enjoy a spectacular walk on the southern area of the Mount Etna volcano. We will pass by several lava flows, buildings partly covered or destroyed by lava flows and other marks of the continuous struggle between the Volcano and men. Finally we’ll be rewarded with a dramatic panoramic view of both old and recent craters, plus extensive views of the entire east coast of Sicily.

2° Hike: naturalistic path. Starting from the southern side we’ll walk heading west where we’ll admire an extraordinary sunset sipping local wine and nibbling some local snacks. In the way back we’ll hike in the dark using flashlights.

The Participation fee includes: specialized guide, flash light, local wine and nibble.

Excursion Top Craters

Cable car + bus 4x4 – hike with a volcanologist guide – volcanic cave Cassone

Difficulty level: medium (09:00 – 18:30)(slope: +100m-1100m / length 6 hrs)

You’ll get to an altitude of 2.900 metres (starting from 2000 meters) by cable car and 4x4 truck. There you’ll start the hike guided by an authorized volcanological guide. You’ll explore the new crater, born a year ago at the bottom of the southeast crater where all recent eruptions occurred.
From there (3000m of altitude) you’ll hike on a downhill slope passing by the still warm craters of the eruptions of 2002-2003 and 2001.

The Participation fee includes: authorized volcanological guide, cable car, 4x4 truck, headlight, helmet, packed lunch.

Excursion Etna South

Silvestri craters – Bove Valley (a huge caldera) – volcanic cave Cassone (Etna south)

Difficulty level: easy (09:00 – 17:30)

The excursion includes tree different hikes:
1° Hike: Silvestri craters, walk on the craters (altitude: 2000 meters).
2° Hike: naturalistic path toward a panoramic viewpoint in the southern ridge of the Bove Valley.
3° Hike: volcanic cave Cassone.

The Participation fee includes: specialized guide, flash light, safety helmet, packed lunch.

Excursion Vendicari and Noto

Difficulty level: easy (15:00 – 20:00)

The excursion includes two stops:
1° Stop: natural reserve of Vendicari.
2° Stop: Noto, the best example of the Baroque.

The Participation fee includes: specialized guide, packed lunch.

Excursion Etna North - Trekking

Bove Valley from the north ridge

Difficulty level: medium (09:00 – 16:00)(slope: +410m-410-) (length: 4hrs / 4,3km)

Description of the hike:
Heading to the northern ridge of the Bove Valley, we will cross some seasonal streems and explore a volcanic cave that lies right on the way. Finally we will get to a panoramic viewpoint right on the northern ridge of the Bove valley, in front of the southeast crater (one of the top craters) and the new crater that was recently born just below it (the most active at the present time). On the way back we’ll follow a different path walking through the lava flow of 1928 (the one that hit the city of Mascali).

The Participation fee includes: specialized guide, flash light, safety helmet, packed lunch.